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PIXIRAD Imaging Counters s.r.l. is an INFN Spin-off introducing an innovative, high quality radiographic sensor with intrinsically and fully digital characteristics.

PIXIRAD is based on Chromatic Photon Counting technology and represents a radical leap forward compared to the standard methods currently on the market.

PIXIRAD is able to count individually the incident X-ray photons and to separate them according to their energy (two color images per exposure).

The color mode and the very high spatial resolution (50 μm) allow to obtain the maximum ratio between image quality and absorbed dose.

The energy selection of the radiographic beam occurs in real time and single exposure thus allowing to obtain a radiological chromatic imaging and to significantly increase the information content of the images.

Energy range: 2-100 keV
Count rate > 30 GHz (4 tiles)

The individual PIXIRAD block is a two-side buttable semiconductor radiation detector made of a thin pixellated CdTe crystal (the sensor) coupled to a large area VLSI CMOS pixel ASIC (512 × 476 pixels).

PIXIRAD is able to deliver extremely clear and highly detailed images for medical, biological, industrial and scientific applications.
1, 2, 4, 8 tile units are available.

PIXIRAD brochure (21 MB)